I’m Nathaniel Wesley Filardo (among other names). Born in 1984 (how time flies), I flirted with being a physicist at Carnegie Mellon University but ultimately acquired my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins, as part of the Dyna programming language effort. I was then a postdoc in the the CTSRD team at Cambridge University, primarily thinking about temporal safety for capability systems I now work for Microsoft Research, in Cambridge, UK.

A list of my publications is available here. (My ORCiD is https://orcid.org/0009-0002-9698-1503.)

My Academic (i.e., publication-oriented) CV is available here.


The easiest ways to contact me are as nwf via…

  • email: add +receptionist@cmx.ietfng.org.

  • Libera IRC: if I happen to not to be connected, MemoServ can doubtless take a message on my behalf.

  • SDF’s Mastodon instance, https://mastodon.sdf.org/@nwf .

  • XMPP: on the the cclub jabber server, club.cc.cmu.edu, which supports full federation.

Of late I have adopted use of a Yubikey as a PGP smartcard. The private bits exist only in the smartcard and my offline key management machine; the public bits available here (the authentication subkey is available in ssh format).

The key’s fingerprint is 8F7E BD3C 69CF A8CE CF4C  B57B 37F6 56B5 5B45 C4CD.


The (tragically no longer maintained nor ever widely used) Vash visual hash (algorithm 1.1) of this fingerprint without spaces is shown to the right; I think it’s kind of pretty.