JHU ACM Computer History Museum

The museum is its own bundle of fun. It has its own DNS sub-domain, muse.acm.jhu.edu which, for the moment, anyway, is managed alongside the rest of the ACM’s DNS records (see DNS).

Software and Documentation

/afs/acm.jhu.edu/group/acm-museum contains more details as well as images and software relevant to the museum. The material here is intended to be only the bits relevant to the ACM’s infrastructure.

Display Life Outside The Office

Outside our Malone Hall office there is a large display case that is ours, into which we have put several archaic, old, or just straight-up interesting devices, together with their own Digi EtherLite serial server (digi.muse.acm.jhu.edu) and APC MasterSwitch controller (apc.muse.acm.jhu.edu).