DIY Hardware

The ACM has a somewhat strange collection of hardware for DIY projects! While the admin notes are not, necessarily, precisely the right place to document things, it is probably worth having an enumeration and links off to relevant places here as the contents of the lab do fall under the lab admin’s bailiwick.

I/O Devices

Embedded Computers

  • BeagleBone Blacks: several were donated by the lovely and charming Greg Kroah-Hartman and We run two (at the time of this writing) as low-power always-on control nodes for the ACM infrastructure (bits of AFS, Kerberos, LDAP, and some ancillary components), but the others are available for arbitrary use!
  • Janus, our door controller, is a Raspberry Pi stuffed uncomfortably into a small box. Most of its I/O is still available, should someone want to do something else with the door. See Janus: The God Of Doorways, or The ACM Door Lock Controller for details on the device.



  • A small and cheap but viable multimeter floats around the lab.
  • A few small breadboards and hookup wire kits are on the DIY shelf in the lab (if they’re not in use, of course).