Internal Network Configuration

RFC1918 regions and VLAN assignments

CIDR VLAN Purpose 4094 Trinidad physical fabric (DEPRECATED) 4094 Trinidad physical fabric 4093 Ceph OSD network (DEPRECATED) 0001 VM subnet (DEPRECATED) 0001 OpenStack “floating”; services; CS egress 0001 OpenStack “floating”; services; FF egress 0001 OpenStack “floating”; users; CS egress 0001 OpenStack “floating”; users; FF egress 0001 Other VM subnets
  0002 Not in use
192.168.???/?? 0003 OpenStack private for services, cs egress
192.168.???/?? 0004 OpenStack private for services, dmz egress
192.168.???/?? 0005 OpenStack private for
  0006 Abandoned by OpenStack 1024 Museum network (DEPRECATED)
  2048 EXTERNAL: JHU Internal (“CS”) network
  2049 EXTERNAL: JHU DMZ (“FF”) network


Not every switch has the full compliment of VLANs deployed but we choose to keep the addresses separate anyway, just in case. Note that we assume we have use of the entire space: our connections to JHU IT are presumably untagged forever.

Cluster Switch Cabling

You may also wish to refer to the Cluster Uplink Cabling for uplinks!


Our Procurve switch, creatively enough named, forms the backbone of our cluster internal network. The switch and machines are, of course, authoritative, but here’s the state of the wiring the last time anyone looked.

Procurve Port VLAN complement Neighbor
1 Management tagged Gomes “right two” port 1
2 All but mgmt, all tagged Gomes “right two” port 2
3, 4 (trunk) All, all tagged Magellan eth2 and eth3
8 mgmt untagged BigBrother
9 mgmt untagged Enrique port 0
10 VMs tagged Enrique port 1
11 mgmt untagged Serrao port 0
12 VMs tagged Serrao port 1
13 mgmt untagged Antonio port 0
14 VMs tagged Antonio port 1
17 mgmt untagged Sunfire 0 port 0
18 mgmt untagged Sunfire 1 port 0
19 mgmt untagged Sunfire 2 port 0
20 mgmt untagged Sunfire 3 port 0
21 mgmt untagged Crimea eth2
23 mgmt untagged Management low-bandwidth switch


For low-bandwidth things, we have another switch that’s just routing the management VLAN untagged. Currently connected to this are

  • Procurve port 23
  • Sunfire BMCs
  • Cluster APCs