Creating and Updating ACM Accounts


Create a New User

User creation is mostly automated by file:///afs/ . Invoke it as

/afs/ ${NEW_USER_NAME}

The remaining steps involve using the LDAP tools to find a new UID and create a new user account.

Create a New Cross-Realm User

While this will happen automagically when the user aklogs to the new/our realm, sometimes it’s nice to do things ahead of time:

pts createuser ${user_name}@${realm_name}

should suffice!

Changing a User’s Username

Until changeuser is written, apparently you can do the following if you need/want to change a username. At least according to this username-change file I found in the old notes…

  1. Rename kerberos principles (renprinc OLD NEW in kadmin; for their base and all other hats)
  2. modrdn the users’s LDAP object and change attributes referring to username; change any from other LDAP objects
  3. rename PTS hats (pts rename; check for other hats for groups owned by user)
  4. rename AFS volumes
  5. rename AFS mountpoints (in …/user and …/readonly/user; release volumes containing those)
  6. Looking through newuser, there appears to be nothing else that needs changing…hope it works out?


Create a New Group

Group creation is entirely automated by file:///afs/ . Invoke it as


This script creates both org:${NEW_GROUP_NAME} and org:${NEW_GROUP_NAME}-admins in PTS and tries to set the permissions “cleverly”. It then creates both a group and a group-scratch volume, makes the mountpoints, and releases all volumes involved.

AFS Groups discusses the PTS group game from the end-users’ perspective.

Create a New Mailing List


This is not yet documented.