Working with Deez Notes

It’s probably best not to edit the notes in afs directly, but you can if you want to. The notes are versioned in a git repo (jhuacm/notes on our gitlab instance); the online version will update automaticallly when you compile them. Don’t move the copy in afs off the master branch without telling anyone, and please try not to leave unpushed commits there either.

To edit these notes:

  1. (a) Checkout and (b) Pull any changes into your copy of the above.
  2. Make and commit your changes.
  3. Push, wait a bit less than a minute, then check the output of the CI runner for errors and warnings. Warnings are ok but not great; errors mean the build failed (so fix them). The CI runner will stop if it sees unpushed commits or uncommitted changes in the afs copy of the notes, just commit/push from there and the right thing will happen.